Arduino Bug Hunt

I spent some time tracking down a strange Arduino bug and made a video about it:


I’m back from VCFMW and had a lot of fun! Met a ton of people, sold a few things, and saw some vintage computers that I never thought I’d see. A BeBox, DataRover, and an LMI Lambda LISP machine (whoa).

While there I released a new product or two, one of which is now up on the website. Check out SunUSB, an adapter that lets you use a USB keyboard and mouse on your Sun workstation. It works with Type 5 and should work with Type 4 as well. It might even work with Type 3 if you have the right cable adapter.

It’s the first of the USB-to-vintage adapters with a two layer keymap because the Sun has a bunch of keys that aren’t on a normal USB keyboard. By default you can press right control to switch the function keys to Stop, Again, Props, Undo, Front, Open, Find, Cut, Copy, Paste, Help, and Power.

I’ll have a keymap editor soon(ish) for it that will let you assign your own keys. That will eventually make its way into the other adapters too, so you’ll be able to program the keymap on your IndigoUSB, NeXTUSB, or any future ones. Speaking of future ones, there will be a couple more very soon…


There’s a new firmware for ADB2USB. This version adds improved enumeration, supporting up to 6 ADB devices. If you wanted to use multiple keyboards at once, now you can! More realistically it will support a separate numpad like the Apple Adjustable Keyboard.

There’s also a new dwfw for Windows that can tell you the current version of the firmware you’re running.


Welcome to the dev news piece of drakware. Here I’ll post interesting info about existing products, new products, or random vintage hardware.

Right now I’m working on PS2toUSB, which will be released any day now. It should work with any PS/2 keyboard but there are a ton of different ones out there and I’m sure at least a few have some quirks.

It supports all three scancode sets and the keymap is fully programmable (of course). I’ll look at adding mouse support if that’s something people are interested in, but I’ll have to dig up a PS/2 mouse to test.